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Monday, July 25, 2011

Small Businesses Share Office Space

Crowne Office Suites Atlanta
According to a recent article on ForsythNews.com, local small business owners are lowering their operating costs by sharing resources – including office space. Crowne Office Suites is a complex that uses a communal approach to bring down the expenses of owning a business. From sharing a receptionist to using the same break area, these companies represent the change in the traditional workplace that office suites have come to represent. This might not be the solution for everyone, but here are three instances where the communal office approach works:
1.      Businesses that have recently re-located. Businesses that are new to an area might have a difficult time adjusting for a number of reasons. In the ForsythNews.com article, Jason Mock with the Cumming-Forsyth County Chamber of Commerce explains, "They can find a space that suits their needs without having to jump head-first into the water." A shared office space gives businesses a chance to ease their way into their new location.

2.       New businesses. Many people who have the drive to start a business don't always have the start-up capital to pay for operating costs and other expenses. In the past, these people have been forced to run their small businesses out of their homes, but communal offices change that completely. People starting their own businesses have a chance to work in a legitimate office space without all of the traditional overhead costs.

3.       Businesses that are looking to reduce costs. Companies all over the country are looking for ways to drive down costs hard and fast. Not only does it seem more expensive than ever to run a small business, but the state of the economy is making it difficult for them to stay above water. Business owners who are struggling with overhead costs should consider the concept of sharing executive suites, as long as it is a solution that makes sense for the company.

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