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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How to use videos to rent executive suites

 We did a quick exercise, we looked for office space for rent through videos. Guess what we found?

From the nearly 1500 Business Centers we have listed at OfficeList less than 10% are using Youtube or Vimeo to show their spaces! Maybe the percentage is higher, but others didn't come up in our searches.

Using videos as support material to show your executive suites to potential clients is easy and can work as a sales tool, as extra material for online brokers and to extend your online presence.

You can easily create an account in vimeo or youtube (the most popular but there's more sites) and upload your own video or make one from pictures, add music & special effects, add captions and a title, this is a free option and can be uploaded in minutes. Windows Movie Maker is another easy-to-use tool to create the video although you will then need to upload through the websites we just mentioned.

You can also look online for “web video production” and you'll find several companies offering this services, which isn't free but will definitely project a more professional image. Some offer high definition, a spokesperson and they can start from as low as $50.
See video from Pacific BusinessCenters, these guys use social media wisely. 

If you're opening a new location you can also create a video with the renderings and show visitors how the space will look like.

Most important, add some useful tags or some keywords that will help people find your video online.
You may have an amazing video, but if people can't find you, it's useless.
Try using common words: products or services you provide like “office space” additional to branded words. Keep in mind that people looking for space for rent don't know your company yet, so branded words (like OfficeList in our case) won't be as powerful. Add geographical references like the country, the city, the state or the county. “Furnished office space in Los Angeles” will reach a more targeted audience than a general tag.

The next step would be to make it public. Share it with everybody, send an email, share it on facebook, twitter, write about it in your blog and list it in your site.

We have a large portfolio of amazing office rentals, helps us show your space and send us any videos from your Business Suites, we'll be glad to share them.


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