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Friday, July 13, 2012

Thanks for Everything Fredo!

Fredo Orjuela - OfficeList

One of our staff members is leaving OfficeList to pursue one of his dreams, starting up his own company. 

An unforgettable account manager who made his way to the top, by earning the trust of his clients and the friendship of the rest of the team. 

Fredo Orjuela joined OfficeList a year ago, since then he has made us laugh with his comments and we’ve enjoyed some good times. 

Fredo made sure he posted his name in our Hall of Fame by closing one of the biggest deals in OfficeList history. He will also be remembered for his attempts to be a good soccer player and his "Moves like Jagger".

Fredo will be missed, but we wish you the best in your new projects.

All the best!


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