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Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Executive Offices Available In Florida!

Regus Office Center in Hollywood, FL

Florida is known for its beaches, its warm weather and internationally Orlando is probably one of the most popular destinations. In other words, Florida is a synonym of fun and vacations. 

But this is only a partial view of Florida’s economy. What few people know is the diversity of industries that consider the sunny state as their home. 

Below are some interesting facts of the areas where we have new office centers:

Jacksonville: It’s known as a Transportation Hub and after Virginia; it’s one of the cities with most military presence as well as aviation. 

Vero Beach: It’s not only famous for tourism. Did you know aviation is one of the industries that creates an important amount of employments?

Palm Beach Gardens: Home to several celebrities like the Williams sisters. But what makes this city important for executive suite providers is Aviation.

Delray Beach: North of Boca Raton and with several office centers, Delray Beach has suffered a building boom for the past 10 years.  

Coral Springs: Mainly a residential area, but those who want to work close to home need a small office, that’s why offices in Coral Springs are expected to have low availability. 

Hollywood: As part of Broward County, Hollywood and Coral Springs depend mainly on small companies that represent 70% of the local economy. 

Coconut Grove: Several executive office suites can be found in the Coral Gables are but only 1 in the Coconut grove area.

If you are looking for office space in Florida, please contact us at (866) 354-5478 or visit us at OfficeList.com

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