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Friday, October 26, 2012

Don’t miss a good deal when you find it

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Have you ever fell in love with a product but couldn’t buy it at the moment for whichever reason, and once you were back to buy it, it was gone? 
That’s what happens to many people who look for a good price, and once they find it, they don’t realize it. Buyers remorse!

If you’re in sales, you might have noticed there are all type of clients:
Those that know exactly what they want, those that have all the information and know it all, others that don’t have a clue about what they are looking for and there are also those that only want the best price, There’s no valid argument about quality or services, only the best price.
And if we are “lucky” enough to win one of these cost-conscious characters, we will possibly spend more time than with any other client trying to have all details as they need them.
But the problem with those that suffer from constant buyer remorse is they tend to miss on deals because they are looking for an unrealistic deal.

We once had a client looking for an office 50% below the standard prices in New York. After many calls, hours invested, tours and negotiation, we got him a great deal. Not at the price he asked for, but definitely a good price below what was being requested initially. When he was supposed to sign, he backed off saying he had found a better deal.

A few weeks later, this same person called us saying the other deal fell through and he needed to sign urgently the deal we had found for him. Too late!
Someone else had already taken the office and didn’t think it twice, they signed on the spot.
We’re not really sure what happened with this person, if he found an office or not, but most likely he had to continue working from home or paying a higher rent.
We do agree that finding a good deal may take some time, but if that effort is consuming too much of your time, then maybe you overlooked something and some deals might have passed right in front of you without even noticing.

Don’t wait for the deal of a lifetime, reacting on time might be more important than excess of analysis.

Oh, and just as we found a great deal for that gentleman, we can also do it for you. Give us a call if you are looking for office space in the US or Canada.  (866) 354-5478 or visit www.officelist.com



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