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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Meet our Staff: Sara Guerra

When was the last time you saw art? Most would reply with the date they last visited an art museum or an art exhibition. 

But if we look up the meaning of Art as shown in Wikipedia, it’s defined as “a diverse range of human activities and the products of those activities” including photography, paintings, sculptures, literature, performances and many more.  

That’s precisely the best description when talking about our newest team member Sara Guerra. If since the beginning of the blog we say she’s an artist, most would have thought she paints or creates sculptures but the truth is she creates art in many more ways.  

Art is merely a way of expressing ourselves. Sara has several tattoos, whether its cats, bees, dragons, snakes or flowers each one of them has a valuable meaning. She also draws, sings and occasionally designs. If she’s distracted, she’s probably coming up with a wacky idea, which becomes a masterpiece once it’s finished.  

All her creativity and energy will be focused in our administrative department. Sara will be in charge of billing and she will be in charge of business centers to continue growing our portfolio and maintaining close contact with each of the centers we work with. 

Sara, welcome to the OfficeList team!

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