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Monday, August 13, 2012

Meet our Staff: Alex Restrepo

Alex Restrepo - OfficeList

For those who have ridden an electric car, they probably noticed that despite their lack of noise from the engine (electric cars are soundless); they are great machines that can have the same performance as other vehicles.

That would probably be the description for Alex Restrepo, one of our newest team members. 

A very analytical person who has hundreds of thoughts developing at the same time, but whose silence and few words could mislead anyone. Alex stands out not for the loudness of his voice but for the loudness of his acts.  He used to have a recycling company for metal processing and he now splits his time between his bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and OfficeList.  

With todays accelerated pace when generation Y is capable of doing three or four things at a time, it’s difficult to find a person who knows how to choose his words and a contagious tranquility.

Alex could brag about his Japanese skills, about the eco-friendly company he used to run, about being an over-performer or maybe about how he recovered from an accident in a four wheeler. But Alex is like an electric car; a life of achievements is hidden behind his silence.

Alex, welcome to OfficeList!


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