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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Meet Our Staff: Mark Mancera

Mark Mancera - OfficeList

Just as in basketball teams where each position is crucial for the team yet all players push forward and defend; OfficeList also has a complete team of account managers ready to help but the personality of each person has earned them a unique place within the company.  

Mark Mancera joined OfficeList over a month ago and that has been enough time to get to know his active and dynamic personality. He’s one of those who lives at twice the speed any human does. While many of us can only do one thing at a time he manages to do three or even four. He has been setting the pace to the rest of the team. 

That dynamism has taken him though many adventures, such as working as a supervisor in a coal mine, volunteering for a non-profit who helped low-income children, playing tennis and practicing mixed martial arts. He’s even a self-learner! He’s learning Portuguese and speaks Spanish too.

Mark will be helping our visitors looking for space in important cities like Miami, Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles and Atlanta.  

Mark, welcome to OfficeList!


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