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Friday, September 7, 2012

Success is 99% attitude, 1% aptitude

Alex Zanardi - A lesson of success

 Alex Zanardi, the Italian ex-formula 1 driver showed the world why success is all about the attitude.
11 years ago in Germani, Zanardi had a car accident where both of his legs were amputated. He defied nature by surviving after losing three-quarters of his blood while on his way to the hospital.

This was the third time Zanardi was at this circuit, but this time he wasn’t going at 217 MPH. This time he was competing at the London 2012 Paralimypic Handcycling competition. Yesterday he won gold medal and reminded every one of us that despite the different obstacles we face in life, success will always be there for us as long as dedication and persistence join us along the journey. 

Alex said "Three years ago I stopped motor racing, at age 42. It seemed a stupid thing to do to drop everything. It was against all odds. But it's not the first crazy thing I did in life. In the end I was right. You should not chase pipedreams but, if you have a horizon to look into, happiness is just around the corner."

Achieving success is not something random; it’s the result of hard work and many failures.
A great lesson for many of us to never give up in business & in life.



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