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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Make way, here come the start-ups!

According to a recent study by the Kauffman foundation, 2010 had the highest start-up rate in the last 15 years!

What does that mean for executive suite providers?

A huge opportunity!

It means there's 565,000 new businesses out there who may be looking for a plug-n-play office or maybe a virtual office.

When starting a new company, entrepreneurs need to meet prospects, future investors, providers, etc... but there is not a whole lot of money to rent an office. Scheduling meetings in the living room isn't the best option. What would you do?
Have you considered a virtual office? You can still work from home, but you'll have an address to use in your business cards, someone answering your phone and a place for occasional meetings. Best of all is it's affordable.

If your start-up is ready to go further, then consider an executive suite. A ready to use office, staffed and with flexible leases. You can lease for 3 months to test the waters.

If you're wondering where are all these new companies, try the top 5 states for start ups.

1. Nevada
2. Georgia
3. California
4. Louisiana
5. Colorado

These states provide government incentives, numerous graduate students who create their own companies and in some cases, high unemployment rates causing desperate businessmen looking for a new opportunity.

What are you waiting for? Give us a call and we'll find the best office solution for your growing business.


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