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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Make Your Office Supply Checklist Today!

There are many everyday office supplies that you should make sure you have for your office space on a daily basis. If you are just setting up your office or have recently started a new company, making an office supply check list can be very beneficial, as it allows you to write down and see what it is that you have, what it is that you need, and what it is that you may be able to do without. Making sure you are fully stocked with administrative supplies, computer and printer supplies, desk supplies, filing supplies, mailing supplies and paper supplies is crucial in making sure that your business is running smoothly and efficiently. Administrative supplies include items such as a wall calendar, bulletin board, phone message pads, and a to-do list tracker. Computer and printer supplies are very important, as no company or business goes without a computer. These items may include toner and ink cartridges, back up disks, disk cleaning and repair kit, and cable organizers.

When it comes to desk supplies for your office space, these items are things you will use every day so it is important to keep them fully stocked whenever necessary. Supplies such as pens and pencils, highlighters, paper clips, tape, stapler, rubber bands, white out, scissors, and a hole puncher will make those daily assignments that much easier to keep track of and finish in a timely manner. Filing supplies are items such as ring binders, index dividers, colored label tabs and manila file folders, which will organize your everyday paperwork. These supplies are important because, without them, you could easily lose your most important documents. Mailing supplies come in handy when sending packages, or pamphlets and forms, out to other businesses and clients. Padded envelopes, bubble wrap, packing tape and shipping forms are some of the items you will need to look into getting.

Lastly, paper supplies are things that will get much use on a day to day basis. Post-it notes, white computer paper, rolls of fax machine paper, graph paper, and legal pads are just a few of the products you can look into for your office. There are many items you can purchase in order to prepare your business for every situation that might occur. Start making your checklist today and be on your way to a more proficient work environment!


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