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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Meet Our Staff: Dan Hernandez

Dan Hernandez

If you ever need Office Space in the major markets of the US, then Dan is the person you need to talk to. He rents executive suites in New York, Chicago, Washington DC, California and Texas. 

Dan used to live in Connecticut but then moved to Canada for almost 3 years, where he got married a little over a year ago. 

If you’ve ever spoken to him you probably noticed he’s a very calm yet professional person. A huge fan of Basketball, specially the Dallas Mavericks and not to mention his other passion: movies. 

When asked about difficult clients he’s dealt with at OfficeList, the answer is none. Not because he hasn’t received any, but because of his positive attitude towards life which keeps him a good smile all day long. 

Perhaps the one he most remembers is a nonprofit in New York that protects children. Dan says it’s never about the money; it’s always about the difference you make in the world. 

If you are looking for executive suites and would like Dan to assist, contact him at (866) 354-5478.


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