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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Meet Our Staff: Dwayne Deer

Dwayne Deer

This week we’ll continue presenting you our staff, this time you will meet Dwayne Deer.

Dwayne was born in Jamaica, he’s a molecular biologist who left it all behind and moved to Boston when he was 25 years old. Boston was his home for almost 6 years but then again life changed, he relocated , met the love of his life and now he’s happily married.

As any Jamaican he loves music, every now and then he’s cheering up the team with some songs.

Dwayne has been with OfficeList for 6 months and other than the Massachusetts area, he’s also the account manager for Florida, Georgia, Texas and the South Eastern markets.

Since Miami is such a demanding market, Dwayne is learning Spanish in order to help those client that need bilingual assistance.  

If you are looking for office space for rent in Miami or elsewhere in the US, let Dwayne guide you through the search, you can contact him at (866) 354-5478.

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