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Monday, October 29, 2012

Dear Customer: Will You Accept Us To Be Your Lawfully Wedded Brand

Image courtesy of 10incheslab/Freedigital photos

Don’t we all like promos, sales and discounts?
Ah, there’s no better feeling than when you buy something and you know you got a great deal. But what about all those specials that are offered to new clients and old customers are forgotten? Beware!

A brand/customer relationship is very similar to a marriage; love can arise with a single promo, a good ad or a great quality product and a new brand lover is created. They will step up for your brand whenever they are talking to their friends and colleagues and it will be a long lasting relationship if you nurture it.
But just as marriage, if you forget to celebrate special dates, if you don’t communicate, of you don’t express how important that person is to you, the relationship tends to end.

What are you waiting for? Go out there and tell your customer how important they are for your brand!
Halloween is a couple days away, have you bought some treats or are you organizing any event for your customers?

Do you occasionally leave them notes or small gifts for no specific reasons?
How often do you approach them unexpectedly to talk for a while, maybe they have something to tell you. Or would you put a suggestion box in your bedroom for your wife to fill out?

Don’t waste any time and start planning what you will do for your customers this Halloween and the rest of your life. Love them; cherish them “till death (or another brand) do you apart”

All the OfficeList team wishes you a scary Halloween!


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