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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How Fun Is Your Office?

Youtube office in San Bruno CA

Most of us spend about a third of our time in our workplace. Sitting in front of a laptop, sharing with colleagues, meetings and brainstorming is part of our daily routines, but how many of us go to the office to have fun?

Recent studies by psychologists and economists show happy workers are 12% more productive and companies actually reduce their costs and increase productivity!

Having a nap place, some comfy couches, access to games like a Wii or PS, allowing team members to bring their pets, having a slide, music lounges, pool tables or ping pong. Those are only some of the things dot-coms have done at their offices and workers are more motivated than those in other industries.

For traditional companies it may sound outrageous to take the dog to the office. What if they start bad odors? What If they start barking and disturb other workers? Well, think of it the other way. What if the dog helps the staff to relieve some stress, or by taking the pet out to walk workers come up with creative ideas?

Crazy ideas usually don’t come up in meeting rooms or brainstorming. They come up when you’re relaxing or at the most unexpected moments. Those “aha” moments strike us when we’re in the shower, watching TV or doing something not related to work.
Google UK office

Some CEOs might question why they should have a place for their employees to sleep; they’re paid to work not to sleep! But guess what, taking a quick nap helps people to continue their work with more energy and avoids the usual sleepy sensation after lunch when we struggle to keep our eyes open and our head standing.  

And why should they play games! Because when some of us face problems or road blocks, our mind doesn’t see any alternatives, and rather than sitting in front of your computer for hours with no answer, it’s better to think about something else. Let's give our minds a break and once we’re back, it’s most likely a solution will be found.

Do you have any fun places in your office? If you don’t, start thinking about creating them, you’ll be surprised with the results. 

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