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Monday, December 17, 2012

Is Your Company Ready For A Natural Disaster?

Infographic by Mercer Insights 

Most companies would think they are ready for disasters, but when the situation arises some don’t have a real work plan that allows them to get back on their feet as soon as possible.

Devastating scenes like Japan’s tsunami in 2011, Colorado’s wildfires and Sandy Hurricane in NY, are still in our minds reminding us how we must always have a disaster recovery plan in case something happens to us. Most companies are protected against any failure in infrastructure but is your company ready to react against the impact of displaced workforce?

Global consulting company, Mercer, did a survey on workforce readiness to 140 organizations reflected on the past year and their own preparedness. The infographic compares organizations in the Americas and Asia.
“As we have seen during recent disasters, without a workforce plan, companies have to scramble to accommodate displaced and distraught employees.” says Samantha Polovina, the Mercer Principal who oversaw the research.

In 2011, 52% of those covered with a workforce plan did not need to activate it. Hopefully your company will be among that percentage, but don’t leave it all to the odds.

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