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Monday, November 12, 2012

Are We Becoming Less Humans?

Image Credits © John Lund/Blend Images/Corbis 

Each day companies try to optimize everything, be more efficient and save time and resources.
People have also shifted their behavior to try and go along with the optimization. Instead of making a call or talking to their colleagues which are just steps away, they usually send an email, a text or they just chat.
Because of costs, companies have reduced air traveling and replaced it with online conference calls or online meetings.

But if all those changes are indeed making us more efficient and better, how is that affecting us?
Although technology has made our life easier and things are done faster, we haven’t noticed we are losing the most important part of communication: Real human interaction. 
Not only because of body language, spontaneous reactions, maybe an authentic smile and even something as simple as shaking a hand.

We are not computers or machines. We need a joke, we need to smile, we need to listen to others, and we need to hear about other people life stories. We need to go back to our roots and change the hours we spend looking at a screen for hours we spend interacting with other people.

This article called The Upside of Inefficiency from the Harvard Business Review Blog shares an interesting story about human interaction. Sandy not only was the cause of devastation in New York, but also the opportunity for many of us to show our best parts as human beings. 

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