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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Google Opens New Offices In Toronto

Andrew Swartz, the communications manager at Google Toronto shared Google’s new offices. An open space with plenty of natural light, each floor is decorated with one of Google’s colors and their 400 employees can use the mini-golf, the gym, their cafes, living rooms or their DJ lounges whenever they want to take a break or to talk to one of their colleagues. The space is designed to foster communication and innovation.

Here are a few of the things you’ll probably envy from Googlers:

·         Cheff: Yes, at their kitchens they have chefs who are preparing breakfast and lunch for the staff. No need to bring any lunch bags.
·         Music rooms: Staff can either bring their music or try playing the guitar or the drums in isolated rooms. Not bad to leave behind all the stress.
·         Games: spread throughout the offices there are arcade games, billiard, ping pong, darts and even Pac-Man.

The building is located Downtown Toronto, in Richmond street, and the five floors building which adds up 89,000 square feet, was designed based on the ideas of their whole team.
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