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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Yahoo is Moving to Times Square!

Marissa Mayer –Yahoo’s CEO- has been surprising everyone with important decisions.
First she took the polemic decision of telling all of Yahoo’s members to work from the actual office, ending the remote-working era for the company.

This week the company made two announcements: they would buy Tumblr for $1.1 billion, and the other news was they would be unifying all their New York team in one office in Times Square

Before bringing all their team together under one roof, their 500 staff members were divided in 3 buildings in Manhattan: 1065 Avenue of the Americas (at 40th Street), 1540 Broadway (at 45th Street) and 11 West 19th Street.

Yahoo’s New York office lease has been signed at the former home of The New York Times on 43rd street, the company will take the 9th through the 12th floor of the building and is talking to city officials to have a large illuminated sign with its name at the top of the building. This new space will be renovated following other tech companies that include open spaces, outdoor terraces, free food cafeterias, game and relaxing areas; these type of amenities have also become a reason to attract new talent. 

Current employees of Tumblr will remain at their offices close to Madison Square Park (at 35 East 21st Street).

This move not only represents Yahoo’s growth, but also shows how new technology is replacing traditional media like newspapers. Just as some years ago financial companies took over downtown, today companies such as Microsoft, Facebook and Google are taking over areas like Chelsea and Times Squares.

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