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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Top Cities With The Worst Traffic in The US

New York Traffic
Photo by Howard Schnapp 

If you’re always complaining about the traffic when going to your office in Los Angeles and thinking how much time you’re losing which could be spent with your family, practicing your favorite hobby or simply sleeping, maybe you're right. INRIX, the traffic information group has released the top 10 cities where traffic caused an average American to lose 38 hours a year sitting in traffic in 2012. But at the 10 cities below, the average time spent in traffic was 42 hours a year! 

10. Boston 

9. Washington DC 

8. Seattle 

7. San Jose 

6. Bridgeport, CT 

5. New York 

4. Austin 

3. San Francisco 

2. Honolulu 

1. Los Angeles 

What should be an eight minute drive in Los Angeles could easily become a 26 minute drive in peak hours. Why? The study takes into account elements such as population density, road segments and travel times. 

Cities like New York and Washington DC have the longest commutes in the country, with 34 minutes. The study shows that cities that are densely populated have the worst traffic. 

Another reason is the amount of people who drive to work is still somewhat high, while New York has one of the lowest percentage, only 56% of the population drive to work, cities like Boston, Washington DC and San Francisco’s are above 70%. 

Public transportation has proved to decrease commuting times in some degree, but in a city like New York where 31% of commuters use public transportation, alternative methods like a bicycle can be tested to try and save some minutes. 

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