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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Real Reasons Behind Choosing an Office

When we receive a call from someone who is looking to find a new office, we always ask why they are moving. Some of you may be thinking it’s none of our business, but in fact it is.

As advisors, we need to understand the persons or the company’s needs in order to avoid suggesting the same type of spaces they are moving from.

The most typical answers are: because we’ve outgrown the space or business has slowed down and the office is too big for us or I’m paying too much.

Although these reasons are real, the reasoning being choosing a new office is very different than what most of us believe. Here is out top 5 of reasons why they chose certain offices.  

·         “EGO”: Yes, we all have friends who either brag about the huge deal they found, or on the contrary, friends who brag about their upscale, ultramodern office that even talks. Competing is part of human nature, and once you find a cheaper deal, or a fancier office than your friends, you’ll probably go for that one and let them know.

·         It’s the CEO’s wife who choses: At the eyes of the team, CEOs are the ones who decide which is the best place for their company. But reality shows that they only narrow down a list, then discuss it with their wives and finally they are the ones who most influence in the decision.

·         I got a deal!: That old trick of adding the word “sale” or “free” has a great effect in buyers. Even when 2 offers are the same in price, but one of them says they offer something for free, we tend to prefer that one. As long as someone has paid more than us, we don’t feel worried. But was it really a deal? or did we sacrifice quality.

·         A better address: Some companies do select their office strategically, but others just chose based on how nice the address is. We’ve found some companies prefer to sacrifice comfort and size of an office, just to be located in a prestigious address.

·         The manager was nice: When moving, the most important factor should be the space itself, but we’ve found that a nice, welcoming property manager will always attract more tenants.

If you have a property to rent and found any of these useful, see how it can be applied to your property to make the most out of it.

And for those of you that are looking for an office to rent, give us a call or visit OfficeList, our team will not only help you deal with your wife about the decision, but will make sure you find the office that most suits your business.

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