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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Forgotten Power of Baby Boomers (INFOGRAPHIC)

Today, most companies are doing their best to reach “Generation Y”, a hard to reach generation that is easily distracted by the hundreds of messages they are receiving daily, especially through their social profiles like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Internet in general.

After all, they are the ones that most use social media, smart phones and Internet….aren’t they? But wait a minute! What happened to the baby boomers?

Some years ago companies were trying to seduce them, and all of a sudden it seems they’ve started to disappear for many marketers.

Well, here are a few facts prepared by advertising agency Koeppeldirect which help us inderstand  the power of this generation:
  • Did you know that they account for over 40% of total consumer demand?
  • Did you know 90% of them use Facebook and almost 35% of tablet users are over 45?
  • And we bet you didn’t know 2/3 of them buy from online retailers.

Most companies know who their clients are, but few relate baby boomers to new technologies, social media or e-commerce. Big mistake!

Baby boomers are those born between 1946 and 1964, and unlike many think, they are a powerful generation that not only controls 75 % of the US wealth but is also using new technologies.

Where are all the apps, new products and new technology for those over 50? It’s an invisible gold mine to be discovered.

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Baby Boomers and Seniors in the Digital Era

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