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Friday, March 8, 2013

How Evolved Is Your Office

Human beings have evolved, while at the beginning we were stronger, made for hunting and walking long distances, today, human beings are rarely in the wild, instead our daily routine is walking short distances, sitting in front of a computer most of the time and writing short messages rather than speaking to someone else.

And while we continue evolving, our major causes of sickness have changed over time as well. Stress has become one of the major causes for other illnesses such as heart diseases, depression, obesity, digestive & sleep problems, etc.

Companies tend to believe that employee dissatisfaction disappears by increasing bonuses but few of them rely on psychology to identify other ways to increase happiness, motivation and productivity.
A study by the British Psychological Society, based on environmental and evolutionary psychology reveals what would be the best scenario for our workplaces.

Greenery & Exercise:
Humans need to be exposed to nature, we were meant to live in a green environment but we have adapted to the cement environment we have created. Having plants in the office reduces our anxiety, provides clean air and removes toxins from the air. It would be ideal to jog in a nearby park or during lunch time to go and walk for a few minutes near plants.
And moving or exercising should also be promoted. Doing pauses for a stretch, having a ping pong or finding ways for your team to move a little is beneficial for all.

Yes, some may be against the idea of paying their team to sleep, but a quick nap after lunch will re-energize, clear your mind and avoid all the time lost while we fight not to sleep. While you are telling your body to think, your body is asking for some time to process what you just ate. That internal fight is reflected in the sleepiness we feel after lunch. A ten minute nap requires of a silent and comfortable place where people can have a quality rest and recharge their batteries to continue their afternoon

Most will disagree as pets require time, dedication and may become a distraction. But the study shows how a pet can help bring group cohesion, trust, cooperation and many smiles to your whole team.
It’s not an easy task, it involves changing the culture and involving the whole company, but don’t forget that productivity is not the mean but the result of happy people. 
Give it a try, and if you need some inspiration, give us a call or visit OfficeList and we’ll share experiences from our customers.    

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