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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Happy 100th Birthday Grand Central Station!


Grand Central Station has not only become on of the most visited stations in New York, it’s become a landmark of the city, a meeting point, an architecture reference point, it’s the largest train station in the world by number of platforms, and a buildings that tells the story of the New York. 

Grand Central Station is turning 100 years tomorrow, Feb 1st, and several events will take place to commemorate it.
The celebration starts at 9:30Am with a concert and the rest of the morning there will be presentations and appearances of famous residents like Caroline Kennedy, actress Cynthia Nixon, NY Mets player Keith Hernandez and a ceremony with the Vanderbilt Family.
During the afternoon there will be presentation by Electric violinist, Sarah Charness and performances from different artists.
Celebrations will go on for the entire year with a parade of trains, the entrance to the terminal will be restored, a tour through grand central will be launched, a photography exposition and much more will be done by the MTA.

During Feb 1st, don’t miss special giveaways from the stores in Grand Central.
A few facts about Grand Central:

* Grand Central has been featured in numerous films, including Superman, The Fisher King, North by Northwest, and   Madagascar.
* Grand Central Terminal covers over 48 acres.
* Approximately 125,000 commuters transit Grand Central daily.
* In addition to commuters, over 500,000 people visit the terminal daily.

And if you don’t want to miss the celebration for the whole year, then rent an office near Grand Central and be in the middle of the action year-long.

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