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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Do You Have The Right Chair For Your Office?

We are sitting nearly 6 hours daily in our workplaces and sometimes we are more worried about having a plant in our office, than the type of chair we have. And although a plant can be healthy and cheerful, the chair where you spend most of your time is a great investment for your health, productivity and motivation.
If you are the CEO, you should not worry about having the biggest office in the company. That only raises your ego but not your sales.

Did you know that headaches, back pains, arthritis, and other muscle or joint pain account for more than $60 billion each year in lost productivity?

If you invest in quality chairs for your team, you are actually doing some savings for the future. Your company’s` productivity and motivation will increase, employees will be healthier meaning there will be less downtime and when you add all this up, it can translate into a boost in sales and lowering your cost.

And if you consider yourself an innovator and are looking for something trendy to put in your office, check out two unusual, but ergonomic workstations.


Some suggestions to find the ideal chair for your company:
  •  Depth  and width: Make sure it’s comfortable and not too small.
  • Height: Adjustable height is the most suggested.
  • Back support: Ideally it should be adjustable and support between 12-19 inches of back width.
  • Lumbar support: Lumbar means the lower back. Inappropriate chairs make us sit incorrectly, which is what damages our backs.  
  • Swivel feature: Team works means there is daily interaction and a swivel allows us to turn easily without forcing our necks.
  • Arm Rest: It shouldn’t be uncomfortable, instead it should fit the average length of the arm and it should be adjustable as well.
Oh!, and make sure it has some good wheels. It’s not only important to support all the weight of the person sitting, but it’s very useful when doing office chair racing!

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