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Friday, April 12, 2013

Will Co-Working End With Private Offices?

Courtesy of Miamishared
Each day we keep hearing more and more about co-working spaces. You will find those who love it and could give you one hundred reasons why it’s better than a private office, and you will also find those who can’t live without their privacy and will give you their own reasons why co-working doesn’t work for them.
The truth is they’re both right.
During the past years, co-working has increased and continues on the rise; but business Centers and executive suite providers have reacted to this tendency, adapting part of their space to co-working. While 5-6 years ago finding spaces with open layout in executive offices in New York or Chicago was almost impossible; today more centers are adding these spaces to their offer. Even luxury spaces in Manhattan offer exclusive workspaces in open areas, similar to co-working but for professionals with a generous budget.
Those changes are not because executive suites will become co-working, it’s due to proven benefits like networking, interaction with colleagues, more dynamic spaces and noisy environments have proven to have a positive effect for those who develop creative tasks.
While CEO’s still opt for a private and comfortable space that will impress their clients, their team can still be in an executive suite but enjoying the benefits of open layout and sharing with other professionals, but being a few steps from their colleagues.
On the other hand, there are also those professionals that enjoy the relaxed environments of co-working, but can’t focus when there’s some noise or really prefer their privacy. A good example is a writer, who needs some inspiration, some creativity and interaction with other people, but when it comes to writing, a quiet place where they will have no interruptions is the ideal space.
So the answer is co-working will not replace, destroy or end with private offices or executive suites. They can live together.
Both spaces are designed for a different type of user but lately they’ve been merging some concepts and adapting to the benefits each space brings towards productivity.
If you’re undecided about what’s your type of space, give us a call or visit OfficeList. There’s a space out there for everyone, we can help you find it.

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