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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pre-leasing! New office space for rent in Mission Viejo, CA

Mission Viejo Professional Center
Managed by ESDI, a real estate service company who’s been in business since 1987 and manages several Executive Suites in California, this new center located in South Orange County, offers executive suites, workstations, virtual offices and access to conference rooms.

Located in the Heart of Mission Viejo, just north of Crown Valley Parkway these executive suites are a great solution for those companies that want to be close to the Irvine Spectrum, Aliso Viejo and Laguna Niguel.
Opening April 16th 2012 and offering almost 60 offices, there’s a wide variety of spaces available.
If you’re just starting you might want to ask about their virtual office, a complete package with phone answering, mail handling, free parking and access to their conference rooms.

If you’re a solo worker then a private executive suite will be the perfect option for you.  Your own private office to meet with clients where you’ve have 24/7 access, janitorial services, access to their meeting facilities and free parking among other benefits.
And if this is too small then how about a team room?
 This center has a beautiful corner office which would be great for a large group.

Give us a call at (866) 354-5478 and we’ll help you find the best option for your company.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How to use videos to rent executive suites

 We did a quick exercise, we looked for office space for rent through videos. Guess what we found?

From the nearly 1500 Business Centers we have listed at OfficeList less than 10% are using Youtube or Vimeo to show their spaces! Maybe the percentage is higher, but others didn't come up in our searches.

Using videos as support material to show your executive suites to potential clients is easy and can work as a sales tool, as extra material for online brokers and to extend your online presence.

You can easily create an account in vimeo or youtube (the most popular but there's more sites) and upload your own video or make one from pictures, add music & special effects, add captions and a title, this is a free option and can be uploaded in minutes. Windows Movie Maker is another easy-to-use tool to create the video although you will then need to upload through the websites we just mentioned.

You can also look online for “web video production” and you'll find several companies offering this services, which isn't free but will definitely project a more professional image. Some offer high definition, a spokesperson and they can start from as low as $50.
See video from Pacific BusinessCenters, these guys use social media wisely. 

If you're opening a new location you can also create a video with the renderings and show visitors how the space will look like.

Most important, add some useful tags or some keywords that will help people find your video online.
You may have an amazing video, but if people can't find you, it's useless.
Try using common words: products or services you provide like “office space” additional to branded words. Keep in mind that people looking for space for rent don't know your company yet, so branded words (like OfficeList in our case) won't be as powerful. Add geographical references like the country, the city, the state or the county. “Furnished office space in Los Angeles” will reach a more targeted audience than a general tag.

The next step would be to make it public. Share it with everybody, send an email, share it on facebook, twitter, write about it in your blog and list it in your site.

We have a large portfolio of amazing office rentals, helps us show your space and send us any videos from your Business Suites, we'll be glad to share them.

Monday, March 26, 2012

New Executive Suite in Washington, DC

At OfficeList we are always proud to continue growing our portfolio of office listings and today we are glad to present the latest addition to the DC area.

Carr Workplaces is opening their 32nd location and this time they chose Washington DC and it's no surprise; according to REIS -Real Estate Information Services-, vacancy rates for office space in DC for 2011 were the lowest in the country with 9.4%. With a growing demand and reduced options this is definitely a great opportunity.

Located in Connecticut Av and K Street this new business center will be a perfect location for lobbyist, lawyers, non profits, government contractors and all type of professionals. Less than a block away from the Farragut North Metro Station and the building has a fitness center.

It's 21,000 sqft offers floor to ceiling windows with great views of DC, multiple conference rooms and flexible lease terms.
If you are looking for deposition rooms for a large group, this space can also help.
Since it's a brand new space, you can chose the office you like, give us a call and we'll help you find the perfect space for you (866) 354-5478.

Click here to take a virtual tour

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The office expansion of the Tech companies

Livingsocial Office in DC by Inc magazine
As mentioned in the Wall Street Journal article -Tech firms go Far and Wide for Space-, while many law and financial companies are downsizing, tech firms are taking more and more space throughout the country.

According to Jones Lang LaSalle Inc – a real-estate-services firm- “Companies in the tech sector accounted for 29% of all growth in the U.S. office market in 2011”

Google is adding office space in Pittsburgh, PA and Cambridge MA not to mention the building they bought in Chelsea, NY which gives their 3000 NYC staff members 2.9 million square feet in this building alone.

(Click here to see a WSJ video of Google's NYC offices)

Yelp is also moving to a new loft office space in Union Square, NY.

But New York isn't the only city that has felt the tech expansion. According to Cushman & Wakefield in Chicago 10% of all the office leasing in 2010 and 2011 was for tech firms.

Groupon took 360,000 office space in Chicago Avenue.

In this article by Inc magazine, it mentions Livingsocial also expanded their Washington DC office space in the downtown area, which has become a tech hub where all major social media companies are also located.

Of course the West Coast, specially California, home of most of these tech companies is also witnessing the change.

Zynga is growing it's main office space in San Francisco and Amazon is buying office space in Seattle to develop around 3 million square feet by it's headquarter.

As the big players continue to set the trend, we'll see smaller software and tech oriented companies to grow in the rest of the country.

If you are looking for executive suites please contact OfficeList and we'll be glad to help.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

NY Executive Suites News:

During the past months there have been a few Business Center openings in NY that have been shaking the NY executive suite market.

Carr Workplaces Park Ave Offices
In February 2012 we had the grand opening of the first executive suites at the Metlife building. Carr Workplaces opened it's first Manhattan location at this iconic building while it continues it's expansion in other established markets like DC.
With a very modern look, this new space will compete directly with other 3 centers that offer exclusive office space in the Grand Central area.

Regus is also ready to open two Business Centers in Manhattan.
Opening March 12th 2012, Their Lafayette office space is in a pre-war building, very different to the high-rises they have us used to. This boutique space in Noho located close to the Astor Place Station will compete with the other executive suites close to Union Square Station.
Regus 34th St Office

Also opening this month is their 34thst office space. Between Penn Station and the Empire State building, this new office rental will compete with spaces in Midtown and even the Chelsea area. A sober yet modern look will attract all type of professionals.

If you are interested in receiving more information about these or any Executive suites in New York, please give us a call (866) 354-5478 and one of our account managers will assist with your search.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Coolest Office gadgets

When renting office space, the first thing you do is add a personal touch.
If we spend 8 hours or more in our office, we need to make it a fun place to be at!
Here's our list of top 10 cool soft rubber gadgets.

  1. Stressball: This rubber little guy will let you squeeze him as hard as you can to release some stress.

  2. Splatstan: Stop leaving your cup marked in your desk. Here's a useful coaster that will make your desk look good.

  3. Ninja letter opener: don't you just hate those typical letter openers? Or are you the one that always cuts your fingers? This little ninja will take care of opening letters in safe way.

  1. Mummymike: Turn Mike into a mummy with all those rubbers you have all over your office.

  2. Clip holder: With emails, chats and cloud files, fewer people use paper, thus fewer clips are used. But here's a nice clip holder that will also hold your pen/pencil. 
  1. USB robot: A trendy robot will décor your computer and let you save some all our important files.

  2. USB kids: You can play while creating figures with this USB kids.

  3. Key Pete: Keychains are useful to avoid losing your keys, but what happens when you lose your keychain too? Hang “Key Pete” at the entrance of your office and you won't lose them again.

  1. Dead Fred: If you are a CSI follower then you'll love this pen holder.

  2.  Charging Charlie: Last but not least, a charging cable holder in honor of all those brave firefighters that are willing to risks their lives for others.

Enjoy all these gadgets and if there's any you would like to add to the list please share them via twitter
If you are just starting searching for office space, give us a call at (866) 354-5478 and we will be glad to assist.