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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Top Talents May Just Be a Click Away

Hiring new talent

During a recent chat with a colleague, we spoke about the difficulties that some companies face while searching for the right candidate for certain job positions. 

While some sources bring a large amount of unqualified people, they usually are very inexpensive, making it a great benefit for small companies. 

Larger companies prefer to outsource the process to specialized head hunters, and although there will be some costs involved; the quality of the candidates tends to be better. 

With the increased use of technology and social networks, hiring has evolved and candidates may be a click away, but besides traditional sources like career sites, universities or head-hunters, are we actually taking advantage of technology to find new talent?

  • Encourage your staff: Start your search by asking your staff to share the job opening with their friends. Not only will you be reaching a trusted group of people, but you will motivate your team. 
  • Twitter and Facebook: Social media has proven to be one of the most powerful tools to share information among hundreds or thousands of people. Any big news comes first through social networks rather than newspapers or TV channels. Include hashtags like #hiring or #jobposting to get retweets and reach a broader audience .
  • LinkedIn: Niche industries like the executive suites industry are made of a rather small group of people who know each other and have large professional networks. Posting a job in Linkedin will not only be seen by your colleagues and friends, but it will also be targeted at qualified professionals who might be enticed to apply, even if they are not currently looking. The site suggests jobs similar to your current experience, which makes it a very efficient tool for candidates, head-hunters and human resource departments. Posting the job in specific groups like “Advertising professionals” will also bring great results. 
  • Facebook Ads: It’s not the most successful tool as it is not as targeted as LinkedIn and will not bring the same quantity as career sites, but if you are targeting generation Y, it will probably be the best place to find them and get their attention. 

Attracting the best talent you can find is only the first part, the biggest challenge your company will face will be to retain that talent. But while you find the new employee that will take your company to an all new level, we’d like to hear which has been the most successful tool for your company. 

And once you find the right person, don’t forget to call OfficeList, as you will probably need to move to a bigger office space.

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