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Thursday, June 6, 2013

How To Beat Procrastination

Tips to beat procrastination
Beating procrastination at the office

Monday 8 a.m, you arrive at your office, go to the kitchen for a coffee, and then talk with your work buddies about the weekend, you know you have thousands of emails to read but first you need to check Facebook, almost ready…but wait, you need some music to start the day, yikes It’s 9 a.m already! A few hours later you’re preparing yourself a snack and on your way back to your office you joined the conversation about your favorite hobby.

You’re not the only one! According to an article from Psychology Today, 20% of people chronically look for distractions, avoiding their daily tasks and end up procrastinating. Here are the main reasons why people don’t face their daily responsibilities and some tips on how to overcome them. 

1. You don’t know where to start
Stop looking at the big picture, start from a single idea. It’s like unraveling a knot; you need to find one of the extremes to do some progress. 

2. It seems too difficult

Haven’t you succeeded before? Of course you have! Complexity tends to be increased in our minds, but breaking down our tasks into steps or stages is the best way to simplify them and remove those blocks from our minds.

3. Rebellion

Nobody likes to be imposed things, but nobody wants to fight with the boss. So find yourself a motivation. Give yourself a treat once you finish, that will help you finish sooner. 

4. Work overload

Take the bull by the horns! Start by the most difficult task. It will take most of your time and require extra dedication, but once you’re finished, the rest will be easy and your mind will not be blocked. Relieving extra pressures helps you be more proactive. 

5. It’s not perfect

You’ve got a great idea but are unable to execute it or can’t find the right words to capture it? Talk to someone else, brainstorming helps to have different views you might have omitted before. After all, two heads are better than one.

If you’re the CEO and have trouble dealing with your employee’s distractions at the office, the best approach is to schedule breaks. Studies from Florida State University show that every 90 minutes our bodies go from a state of alertness to fatigue; that means that a quick 5-10 minute break every 90 minutes will make your team more efficient. 

If working from home is giving you too many distractions, give us a call at (866) 354-5478 and we’ll help you find an office in the US or Canada.

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