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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Take a Look at Dropbox Offices

Dropbox HQ San Francisco
Courtesy of Geremia Design

Haven’t you ever wanted to take a peek at your neighbor's office to see how they arranged the space and how their decoration looks? Well, we also enjoy taking a look at the offices from the biggest companies in America.
Courtesy of Geremia Design
And today we’ll show you the offices of a company that has grown in the last 6 years. Dropbox was born in 2007, when two MIT friends got tired of sending files via email, to work from different computers. Since then, they’ve been offering people a virtual space to store up to 2 gigabytes on their free accounts. A wonderful tool for companies who have remote workers and base their work on collaboration, as people can store, share and synchronize files on multiple devices.

Courtesy of Geremia Design
Last year, the company moved to their San Francisco offices located in China Basin, a space that occupies 87,000 square feet and holds its entire team of nearly 280 members.

As many other Internet startups who try to keep a flat hierarchy, this is an open space with no offices, it not only allows more space to grow but also helps towards design inspiration.

Courtesy of Geremia Design
The conference room is full of Lego bricks, and meeting rooms are named creatively (romance chamber, the break up room). The office has also a gym, a cafeteria and a music room full of guitars, a piano and other instruments. Push scooters are also available to go from one place to another, there’s no time to waste but they certainly know how to do it in a fun way!

Courtesy of Geremia Design
Other startups have also chosen to be located nearby, as Airbnb is located in Design District and Zynga, the creator of Farmville and other popular Facebook games have their offices South of Market (SOMA).

If you want to be located near all these startups, give us a call at (866) 354-5478 and we’ll help you find an office to rent in San Francisco’s financial district.

Photo: Paul Chinn

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