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Friday, May 11, 2012

OfficeList celebrates its 8th anniversary!

Officelist 8th Anniversary

Back in 2004 a couple of entrepreneurs got together and decided to start a project called OfficeList. It started as an automatic lead generator for Business Centers. 

8 years later we’re proud to say everything has evolved. 

During these 8 years we’ve helped all types of companies find space, from start ups to huge tech companies that are revolutionizing the world. We thank all those clients that find hundreds if not thousands of options online and have given us their trust to help them with their search. 

Many wonderful people have been a part of what we are today; we’ve had people from different countries such as Scotland, Colombia, Mali and Jamaica and we’re thankful with every single person that has contributed with their ideas and dedication to this venture. 

What started with only a few hundred locations has grown to a large list of over 1500 Business Centers and continues growing. All the center managers we work with have been of great support, those that work together with us to provide the best experience to clients looking for a nice place to work. 

Thank you for being part of these 8 years and we are confident many more will come. 

The OfficeList Team.



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