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Friday, June 14, 2013

Top 5 Apps For Busy Professionals

Top 5 apps for professionals

According to a study by eMarketers, in 2012 there were 115 million smartphone users in the US, and with hundreds of apps available we know it can be overwhelming and even confusing to know which are the best ones for you.

Stop playing Angry Birds! Here’s a list of the best 5 apps that will help busy professionals get the most out of their smartphone. 

  • Reading business cards: Cardmunch is a free tool that will not only read a business card but will also convert it to a Linkedin contact automatically, showing all the profile information and contacts you have in common with that person. Very useful in conferences. 

  • Organize ideas: Great ideas come when you least expect them, that’s what Evernote is for. A free app that will help you organize all those crazy ideas you might have. Save comments about an article you saw online, remind yourself to buy that book your friend had, take pictures and include them to that new project you’re doing and you can include tags to find them easily. 

  • Be productive: A free app that will help you organize all your tasks is Toodledo. On a busy day you have a meeting, need to buy a birthday gift, pay your credit card, buy some groceries, finish the sales report and book a hotel for your next business trip. This tool will help you arrange your to-do list, add importance levels, share them with other people and activate alarms. 

  • Storage: Google Drive or Dropbox allow you to share and access files from any device in the world. Whether its videos, pictures, presentations or any type of file, you can store them safely in the cloud. Basic accounts are free.

  • Save passwords: The average person uses 10 passwords a day, and if you handle any company accounts that number might grow to 15. Having one password for everything is extremely risky, but having 10 different passwords is extremely confusing. LastPass is free on desktops or if you want to have it in your phone there’s a premium subscription. 

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Did we miss any useful app? Send us your comments and share with us any apps that make your life easier. 

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