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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Love Your Job and Get Better Results

If you are one of those people that arrive to work with a smile and really enjoy their work, then you’re part of the 30% that feel engaged and motivated to go to work. 

The 2013 State of the American Workplace Report made by Gallup, surveyed 150,000 Americans, between full time and part time workers, and revealed that 52% of the workers do not feel excited about their jobs. 

The remaining 18% are highly disengaged, a battle that companies are losing with this small percentage of people, in spite of their motivating plans. This small group cost the US $550 billion annually due to lost productivity. 

Some companies have identified what their team want in their workplace, that’s why in some offices like  Google’s HQ you will find a slide, ping-pongs, billiards, free vending machines, push scooters and space to create your own music. Although that’s mainly for a younger audience, some companies are starting to adapt some parts of this model and that mix of recreation and work has given positive results. But this only covers the environment; it doesn’t go to the roots of job satisfaction.

The most traditional way of motivating or engaging people with their jobs is by offering commissions, raises or bonuses, and although that strategy may sometimes work, it’s not attacking the root problem causing dissatisfaction. 

The question is how to get excited those 18% who are disengaged, and the 52% who constantly feel “bored”. The answer is not as simple as offering benefits like catered meals, offering beer on tap in the kitchen or free massages; sometimes satisfaction goes beyond those things. "There's a lot of research out there that says, although it depends on the employee, the perks come out as less important as job satisfaction," said Randy Allen, the associate dean of Cornell University's Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management.

Intangible things like being heard, working together, having the possibility to grow within the company, flexible working hours, and balance between life/ work are the fundamental elements that a job must have for a person to be satisfied. Of course, each person has its own motivations, but these elements will bring a complete package of what a person is expecting from a job. Otherwise your company will have openings each year as people will not last longer than a year vs an average of 4.4 years for all workers.

Once all these elements are mixed together, the company needs to make sure they continue growing the team with like-minded people and continue growing the culture of job satisfaction. 

And don’t forget an appropriate workplace will make all this process easier. Keep focused on your team and call us at (866)354.5478 so we can help you find the best office solution for your company.


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