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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Most Annoying Co-workers

Most annoying co-workers
Annoying Co-Workers

Many companies and many independent professionals are changing their private offices to open spaces, co-working or shared offices. Some of the benefits are lowering your costs, being able to network and for companies, collaboration between their team increases significantly. 

Sharing space with a large group of people has proven to bring benefits, people tend to be more efficient, they work happier and it boosts their creativity. But being so close to other people can challenge our nerves and our patience; especially when the person right beside you makes weird noises the whole day, or likes to talk to loud on the phone and they end up distracting you. 

Here’s a list of the most annoying things in the office: 

  • Noisy neighbor: When little things start happening every minute, it becomes a challenge to ignore them, even if you’re trying to isolate with your headphones. If you’ve ever had a person beside who clears their throat, sniffs or coughs every minute you’ll probably be identified. 

  • I DON’T YELL! Sometimes people have listening problems or they get too excited during their calls and don’t realize their voice volume is starting to irritate and affect others. Especially when you’re on the phone and the other part can’t hear you but they hear your neighbor. 

  • The artist: ah yes, the frustrated singer who think they can sing, but not really. This category includes those finger drummers who can’t stay still. The first songs are fun, but after 10 concerts you’ll be looking for a place to hide. 

  • Anger management: Those who can’t control their temper can ruin your day. You might be in danger if that person has a bad day, if they lose their pen, if the sun isn’t shinning or if the internet is too slow. The best way to deal with “grumpy” is to fight back with a smile!

  • Forgot something? There’s always that absent-minded person that leaves something everywhere they go. You’ll find their cell in the bathroom, their glasses in the kitchen and their coffee mug in the microwave. Remember that sandwich that has been in the fridge for 2 months? Guess who it belongs to! 

Every office is a world of its own. We’d like to hear from you, share with us the most annoying things in your office.

If you have not been able to deal with your neighbors annoying habits, give us a call at (866) 354-5478, we’ll help you find a private office rental or we’ll do our best to find a really fun office neighbor.

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