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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Best Cities For Startups

Best Cities for Start-Ups

Young professionals who are looking to have a tech startup are now looking for the cities that offer most benefits such as available talent from universities, flexible regulation, available office space, low real estate prices and safe neighborhoods to live in. Another factor that also influenced the decision is where venture capital is flowing to. 

A survey from the National Venture Capital Association listed the top 10 cities for tech startups. The NVCA list measures overall venture capital investment in each respective market to compile its data.

10. Chicago, IL: 56 deals adding USD $330.71 million of equity invested and companies like Groupon, Orbitz and cars.com got the city into the ranking.

9. Philadelphia, PA: 61 deals adding USD $140.98 million get Philly into the list. Their most famous companies include Beyond.com, Kenexa and Duck Duck Go.

8. Austin, TX: 64 deals adding USD $475.51 million, sites like RetailMeNot and NetSpend, it’s also home to SXSW, a conference and music festival which also includes emerging technologies.

7. Seattle/Bellevue, WA: 82 deals adding USD $671.43 million. Big companies like Microsoft and Amazon are based in this city, inspiring others like Zillow and Jobster.

6. Washington, DC: 92 deals adding USD $397.00 million in the nation’s capital with companies like iStrategyLabs, Socialtables, TroopID and SmartThings.

5. Los Angeles, CA: 150 deals adding USD $754.88 million. The media and entertainment industries are gladly welcoming new players like Eventup, Usamp or Instacanvas. 

4. Boston, MA: 212 deals adding USD $1,395.90 million, with many of its entrepreneurs coming from its 74 universities like MIT or Harvard University. This is where Facebook started, as well as Kayak, TripAdvisor and Zipcar.

3. New York, NY: 271 deals adding USD $ 1,640.65 million. The city has created regulation meant to attract tech companies and given them all the benefits. Most big companies like Google and Facebook have an office in Manhattan, but other were created in New York, like Tumblr, Etsy and Kickstarter. 

2. San Jose, CA: 327 deals adding USD $ 3,251.12 million. It’s Silicon Valley! Facebook is based here, but hundreds of others have started in San Jose, companies like Hewlett Packard or Google. 

1. San Francisco, CA: 495 deals adding USD $ 4,243.52 million. The city attracts young professionals who want to live and work here. Companies like Craigslist, Twitter and Airbnb started here. The number of deals tells us why San Francisco ranked 1st. A more competitive environment, but willing to invest in good ideas. 

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