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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hilarious Office Blunders!

Hilarious Office Blunders
Office Blunders

Most of those who spend almost 8 hours sharing office with work colleagues, know that it’s not all about working. Those unexpected moments when something happens, when something breaks the routine and makes us laugh, those are the moments that remain in our memories and are part of the fun of working surrounded by others. We’ve listed a few of the most memorable office blunders we’ve had in our office, enjoy!

  • Inappropriate message: Every once in a while you innocently open an email sent from a friend and as it loads you realize it’s not exactly what you thought, and you’re so unlucky that as it loads, your boss or a colleague will be right behind you watching how you blush and desperately try to close the message.
  • Walking into a glass door: Many offices have glass doors, but with so many things going on in our heads, the odds of someone crashing with one of those doors is very high. The bad news for the one that crashes is that, it will sound so hard, that the whole floor will know what happened. 
  • Caught napping: You just finished your lunch and you feel your head is heavier than a bag of sand. Your eyes are closing, but you’re not going down without a battle! You do your best to keep your eyes open but luck has its own way. Just as the CEO is walking by, he realizes you’re napping. It’s embarrassing enough to not fall asleep again. 
  • Getting drunk in the office party: You had a few drinks, lost control and then you can’t remember much. The next day you’ll realize you made a fool of yourself dancing “I’m Sexy and I Know It” or crying while hugging your boss and trying to kiss the girl who works beside you. Although your office friends will have a laugh, we strongly suggest avoiding this.
  • Wrong chat: A few years ago, a supervisor received a message from a person he just had an argument with, saying “Who does he think he is? What an idiot!”. Unfortunately the sender had not realized he sent it to the person he was talking about. Oops!! 
  • Wrong email: A friend of mine was once writing an email which included some confidential information about one of his providers, when he was writing the email address, auto-correct suggested an option from his contact list and without thinking much he selected it and sent it. Oh no wait! That wasn’t the right person! He had just sent it to a competitor. Big mistake, not only did he blush, he almost loses a client.

These are just a few of the office blunders we’ve had at OfficeList. Every office has its blunders, share them with us in our comment section or through Facebook and Twitter, we’d love to hear from you!

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